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You've probably heard scary stories from small businesses that let an intern or an inexperienced (or unhappy!) employee handle their social media or marketing.

Don't be a horror story.

Canoe Media Services can help ensure whoever is handling your social media and content marketing understands best practices, works effectively and efficiently, and doesn't accidentally hurt the brand you've worked so hard to build. We can work alongside that person as long as you want as a coach and mentor with customized training and oversight.

Training for Your Staff

Canoe Media Services offers on-site trainings for businesses, associations, non-profits and professional organizations. From one-on-one training to seminars for 100 people or more, we'll teach your people what they need to know to be more effective. Trainings generally run 1-2 hours per platform and are carefully customized depending on your industry, goals and needs.

See a sample training package below that we set up for a real estate agent team. 

Got Interns?

Summer interns can be a fantastic way to keep your business humming along when your regular employees go on vacation. But sometimes leaving your intern in charge of social media can lead to bad results.

If you don't have the time to supervise what your interns are posting to your company's social media accounts, let us help! 

To schedule a training for yourself or your organization or to inquire about intern coaching, ‚Äčcontact us today!