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What We Do

In a nutshell, we do two things:

  • Make your digital marketing more effective, efficient and easier. 
  • Ensure you and your business are known, liked and trusted.

Tom Fishburne once said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” 

So how do you make your marketing seem authentic, trustworthy and — well, less like marketing?

You do it by giving your customers helpful, interesting information and becoming one of their trusted advisers. You use content marketing.

Content marketing can include social media, blogs and web articles, email newsletters, online video and having a great and effective website, too. Incorporating all of this into your other marketing plans takes time, creativity, and the ability to keep up with the latest "best practices" across multiple platforms.

For business owners, that's a lot to manage while you're trying to run a business, but it's critical for business development.

That's where Canoe Media comes in.

By understanding your business needs and goals, we work to create efficient and effective marketing solutions for your company.  

Our services include: 

For some of you, that will mean working alongside you and your marketing team. For others, it means letting us take content marketing off of your to-do list and leaving the day-to-day management, writing, posting, engagement and monitoring to us with confidence.

Either way, we'll meet as often as you'd like to talk about editorial and creative strategy, results and more. 

We love working with a variety of businesses and get our energy from people with entrepreneurial spirits. Get in touch with us today!