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A Cautionary Tale about 'SEO' Companies

Caution about seo companies

A local health care professional came to me this fall with questions about her website and search engine optimization (SEO). 

She had a small site and had an SEO company based in California charging her upwards of $125 per month to help boost her search results. Still, she didn't think she ever got a new client through her website, and she was wondering if she should be using someone local instead for SEO.

We ran an SEO analysis of her website, and it came back with some very basic but significant errors: No meta description, no alt tags, poor keyword results, no sitemap, very low quality backlinks — the list went on and on. When I logged into the back end of her Wordpress website, it turned out she didn't even have an SEO plugin.

"What was her SEO company doing?" our web developer asked me. 

"I was wondering the exact same thing," I said.

The reality is that the SEO company in California was doing very, very little for her (except running her credit card). 

If you or your business are paying an SEO company to handle this aspect of your digital marketing for you, please contact us. We can tell you whether you're being taken advantage of (or not) and make no-obligation recommendations.

We'll be saving this healthcare professional more than a thousand dollars per year by referring her to a local company that actually does the work and does it well. 

Let's see if we can do the same for you.

  -- Beth Lawton, Founder