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Why ‘Build It and They Will Come' Doesn't Work: How to Promote Your Content and 3 Ways to Do It

You have created an amazing website and blog. You post quality content on multiple social media platforms. And yet, you still aren’t getting the traction from potential customers online that you anticipated.

When it comes to making it in online marketing and as an entrepreneur, the “build it and they will come” philosophy just doesn’t cut it. You need to actively market your services to potential clients and customers. Here are three tips you can use right away to start driving more traffic to your business.


  1. Social Media Groups

Perhaps one of the most underrated (and free!) ways to push your content online is through groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. The process is essentially the same for both platforms: Search keywords and phrases that are specific to your industry, click on the groups tab, and you should be given a long list of results to choose from. You can join these groups and post information, links to your blog posts and participate in discussions with people who are interested in the topic. This form of self-promotion is ideal because it specifically targets the audience you are looking for and cuts out the rest.

Keep in mind that most groups have designated days you can publish promotional posts. Pay attention to these rules or you may risk getting banned from the group. Make the most of your posts with compelling headlines and eye-catching graphics.

Also, it is a good idea to spread your influence by commenting and engaging on other group members’ posts. You might also consider participating in relevant conversations as they pop up on news or industry-related websites.


  1. Recruit an Influencer

If you’ve been paying attention to leaders in your industry on social media, you probably already know the influencers. These are people with a huge following. If you don’t know who these influencers are, you can use tools such as to find them. You can also search hashtags that are relevant to your industry and take note of the accounts making the top posts and the people with the most followers.

Once you’ve identified an influencer, tag them in posts you think they may be specifically interested in reading and work on developing a relationship through social media, email and other channels. Over time, you can contact them to see if they would be willing to help promote your brand. Some influencers will be willing to do this as an exchange, but others may charge a fee. Keep in mind that an influencer is probably more likely to help you out if you have been actively engaging with their content online for some period of time.

Some influencers may be journalists who happen to specialize in a key topic area for you and your business. Reach out to those people and offer to be available for interviews, engage with them on Twitter, and email send them blog posts and information you think may be helpful to them in their work.


  1. Listen Carefully and Take Notes

You know that image with an inspirational quote on it that five of your friends have shared with you? You could be a creator of a viral post like this that is specific to your industry by getting an original soundbite from an expert in your field. Try being a reporter yourself and ask for an interview with someone you look up to in your industry.

Take an engaging line or two from this person, make it into an image for social media, and post it to your timeline, your business social media pages, and relevant social media groups. (It’s always a good idea to watermark your website address or social media handle somewhere on the image. That way, when the image goes viral, everyone will know where it came from.)


You can’t simply sit back and wait for your customers to come to you. With so much competition, you must assertively engage and seek out your customers. It takes time, but ultimately you and your business will benefit.