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Ever Feel Like Ads are Following You Online? It's Behavioral Targeting.

Do you ever feel like you’re being followed?

If the online ads you see appear to be a little bit too coincidental, you may be a target of marketing based on your online behaviors — often called behavioral targeting.

Behavioral targeting is marketing that pinpoints types of online behavior, analyzes that data, and uses the collected information to customize marketing for people that are likely to purchase your products/services.

Ever notice how ads from a company you just bought an item from start to pop up on your Facebook timeline after you make that purchase? Or you visit a website to get information on a product or service, and later you see ads on other websites for the exact company you researched? That is behavioral targeting at work. 

Rather than putting your online ads out for the whole world and hoping it somehow works, behavioral targeting can double the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It looks at the habits of the type of internet users you want to target, and uses the data to create customized marketing. So as a business owner, you can target only the people who are most likely to buy your products or services.

Some of the online behaviors that can be targeted are:

  • Searches made (e.g. through Google)
  • How many times a person visits a specific website or webpage
  • Geographic information tracked via IP address
  • Demographic information
  • Online purchases made (frequency, timing, cost, etc.)
  • What types of links a user clicks on

Once you’ve decided on the behaviors you would like to pinpoint, you can begin tailoring ads for these individuals you’re targeting, customize email marketing for them, and even dynamically change the content of your website when they visit it based on their online habits.

Alongside effective online content and website landing pages, customized email marketing and a solid social media campaign, behavioral targeting can seal the deal with your customers. Let us know if you want to learn more about incorporating behavioral targeting into your marketing plans this fall.