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Do you Dread Blogging? Get Someone Else to Guest Blog for Your Business — Here’s How

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs have a love-hate relationship with their blog: They know they should maintain their blog regularly, but often, it just gets lost in the never-ending to do list.


You have a few options to make blogging easier: Outsource your blog to us (of course…), ask people outside of your company to contribute (we have ideas below), or curate.


Even though it’s your blog, you don’t always have to author the content that is being posted. In fact, it can be highly beneficial for you to feature content from other sources and other voices on a regular basis — it’s a part of what’s called “influencer marketing,” where you use other key people and voices to market on your behalf.


So how can you get someone else to blog for you? Here are a few easy ideas to try out for your next post:


Simply ask. Do you know someone who you think could create engaging content for your audience? Ask them if they would be willing to guest author for your blog with the promise of promoting the blog post, video or resource to your business contacts.

Interview someone. A “5 Questions with…” blog post can be a quick and easy way to do this. Email questions to an expert in your field or interview a person whose story could resonate with your desired clientele. Either way, you can publish the resulting content as a blog post.


Do a content swap. Is there a specific blog that you’ve been admiring? Propose swapping content with them. (Ensure that the other person is providing you with original content, not something that has already run on their own blog or elsewhere. Duplicate web content can hurt your web site ranking on search engines.)


Hold a contest. Promote a contest among your followers for a chance to be featured on your blog. This could be a contest for best video, infographic or story, and you may want to throw in an additional $50 gift card or another prize. Once you pick a winner, their content can be the body of a blog post.


Curate a list of other blog posts. This could look something like “Top 5 blog posts on how to gain more followers on Instagram.” You’re not technically writing any new content, but by cultivating a list for your readers, you have given them a very valuable and convenient reference. (As former journalists, we have to warn you to avoid plagiarism — don’t wholesale copy and paste their blog entries onto your website. Instead, provide a brief summary of their blog post in your own words and link to their website.)


Having other people to write your blog content will free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business — but it can also widen your audience and help your search engine rankings. Often, a guest blogger will circulate that blog post to their contacts, effectively doubling your audience and creating awareness among new potential customers that may not have known about your business before.


How do you find people who may be willing to blog for you? Go through your (digital) Rolodex, CRM or LinkedIn account and look for people who have a large network, are active on social media and have demonstrated an ability to create useful, engaging content themselves. If you need help assessing candidates, creating the ‘ask’ or increasing search engine results, let us know!