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How Just About Any Business Can Succeed on Pinterest

We’ve all seen what Pinterest can do for users when it comes to finding new recipes, planning your child’s birthday party or checking out looks for your next haircut. But how can a business use it to drive more clicks on your website, and ultimately boost revenue?

There are actually several ways, and we’ll break them down for you here – but, first, you need to come up with some pin-worthy content.

Creating Pin-Worthy Content

As a business owner, you need to put yourself into the mind of an average Pinterest user. What might that person be searching for that could lead them to you?

Determining that can help you brainstorm lots of “pin-worthy” content that you can then send out into the Pinterest ether.

For example, if you’re a pet store, you can take some photos of local pets using your products, such as dogs in sweaters, cats playing with your cat toys, or pet owners using your combs to groom their pet’s fur. Those are all examples of content that pet owners are likely to come across as they search for ideas on pet outfits, ways to entertain their pets, ways to groom or de-fur their pet, and so forth. Plus, there’s the chance your pins will turn up in the user’s suggested pins the next several times they log on, or in similar searches made by them or other users. So, turn that content into a pin!

Organic, Pin-Able Content

Continue brainstorming pin-worthy content, and keep it fresh every few days or at least once a week. That will keep your pins showing up in user’s suggested pins and searches.

One great example is the company Stitch Fix. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a fashion subscription service. Sign up to receive a Stitch Fix Box in the mail as often as you like (once a month, every other month, etc.) and your “virtual stylist” will send you clothing and accessories based on your answers to questions about your style preferences, what kinds of clothing you’re looking for and your measurements. Keep what you like, and mail back what you don’t like.

Stitch Fix is killing it on Pinterest by creating new pins every week that show entire fashionable “looks” featuring their clothing. Users that are looking for wardrobe ideas or fashion advice may see Stitch Fix’s pin and click on it to find out where they can buy the look – and of course, it brings them straight to Stitch Fix’s website, where they are guided on how to sign up for a Stitch Fix subscription.

By showing off new looks almost daily, Stitch Fix stays fresh and current with pin-worthy content and is getting its company in front of the eyes of new potential customers every day.

Communicating With Customers

Another way Stitch Fix is keeping their customers satisfied and happy is by asking their customers to communicate their likes and preferences via Pinterest. Stitch Fix encourages their subscribers to create pin boards directly aimed at the company, so that their virtual stylists can see pins of other looks the customers have come across that they like, and can use that as a jumping-off point to inspire the looks they put into the customer’s next Stitch Fix box.

Think of ways you can use pin boards to communicate with customers about what they want most from your business.

Buyable Pins

In the example above, Stitch Fix’s goal is to drive more people to its website where they can learn about Stitch Fix’s subscription service and, they hope, sign up to start receiving Stitch Fix boxes in the mail.

But what if your goal is to sell something tangible?

Let’s take the local pet store we envisioned before as an example. As the business owner or the employee in charge of marketing, you have created some pin-able content, and turned that into pins that customers have started adding to their pet-centric pin boards. Now, you can take that concept one step further and start nabbing the sales right then and there, with Buyable Pins.

Buyable Pins is a Pinterest-for-Businesses feature that allows you to put a “blue price tag” right below your pin. That price tag lets the user know that your company has the item in stock, and they can purchase it for that price, today, right through Pinterest, without even leaving the site.

Business owners can hook up their online commerce directly into their Pinterest business account and accept the purchase, right through Pinterest. Best part is – it’s completely free for the business owner! There are no fees to set up Buyable Pins, and Pinterest doesn’t even take a cut of your sales!

The system merely sends you a message that a Pinterest user has made a purchase through a Buyable Pin, and you handle the order fulfillment just the same as if the sale had come through your usual website.

Sponsored Pins

Sponsored Pins are Pinterest’s bread and butter. Just like a Sponsored Tweet on Twitter or a Sponsored Post on Facebook, your business can pay to promote your pins as Sponsored Pins. This means your pin will automatically show up when Pinterest users look at their suggested pins or search for certain types of pins. Just make sure your pin leads back to your company’s website so people know where to find the products or services you were showing off in the pin.

For example, let’s envision a local landscaping company that wants to draw more people to its website in hopes they will schedule a landscaping consultation, or ultimately, hire the company to come work in their backyard or another similar area.

Pinterest is a perfect social medium for a landscaping company. Just think of how many users turn to Pinterest every day to search for things like “landscaping ideas,” “spring planting ideas,” “garden design,” “outdoor living décor” and the like.

Once your business has created a pin, such as one featuring a photo of a gorgeous garden you recently completed for a customer, you can pay to promote that pin as a Sponsored Pin. Now, your pin is almost guaranteed to show up in searches for landscaping-related ideas and pins, and you even can target customers in your local area, just as you can with paid Facebook posts and Tweets.

So, if you have been laboring under the idea that Pinterest is just for stay-at-home moms, hairstylists or preschool teachers, we hope this blog post has shown you just how diverse the content really is, and how it can help you attract more business. As always, be sure to contact us here at Canoe Media Services if we can help you devise a killer Pinterest strategy for your company!